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The Vegas Bug:  I’m going to Vegas but..Can I do all of these?

She has the Vegas Bug!

She was bitten by the vegas bug, just look at her face! Now look at his “Damn, what have I done… my bank account isn’t ready for a second trip”

“Once you’re bitten by the Vegas bug, the cure is to book and return again!”

It’s been 7 years since I last visited Las Vegas. All things considered, I visited quite often, 3-4x a year before for a 3-year stretch — incidentally these were during the golden days of JetBlue where tickets were reasonable at $99 each way. I was addicted to the clubs. Consequently, once you’ve been bitten by the Vegas bug the only cure is to visit again, and again and AGAIN!

Is the weather better in the West?

As soon as I stepped out of the airport, raised my head up to the sky, not a cloud in sight. Just deep blue like there was an ocean up there. Saw my reflection in the window of a car passing by, I was smiling to myself like an idiot, good weather does that to me. It was sunny outside, I was sunny inside. See, about 45% of my mood or energy level is dependent on the weather. If the sun is shining in all its glory with a blue backdrop then I have all the smiles to give along with energy to climb any mountain. It’s been downright depressing in New York City with cloudy gray skies (watch the start of the vid) for about a month now, so this is welcoming. I foresee a wonderful time here!  

What I plan to do while in Vegas:

  1. Spent time with all my 24 of my Family members
  2. Visit Redrock Canyon
  3. Visit the Strip
  4. Drive to the Hoover Dam
  5. Take a Road Trip to Arizona
  6. Explore Utah
  7. Pit stop at Antelope Canyon
  8. Visit Bryce Canyon
  9. Quick stop at Horseshoe Bend
  10. Day Hike through Zion National Park

Whew! Really hope that I can pull off everything on the list in a fun yet safe manner and still get to enjoy quality time with my family members in Vegas!