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Content on this page will change every Friday with 5 new songs that I vibed with for the week, at the end of the month I will merge and archive all the songs into a monthly playlist. ie. Youtube and Spotify.  Vibe with me and enjoy some feel good music. Heavily into dancehall music at this given moment.


written by Garnet Burke June 22nd 2017

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean,  driving to the beach with all four windows down, then you will understand the feeling of this song. The video is also perfect in capturing a small piece of that Caribbean atmosphere with vibrant colors, the laid back feel –plus that gorgeous sexy gal!


Sean Kingston is Jamaican, need I say more. That beat. His voice is so smooth on this. If I replayed a song 5x then I’m pretty sure I absolutely like it.


Summer in NYC feel to it. Really love the fact that Chris Brown didn’t use foul language in this. Good old R&B.


Currently On repeat, during a Utah Road trip.


If you’ve every dirty dance in a sweaty club in the Caribbean and walked out at 5 am then you would love this.



I love this track.